October 1, 2021

ATARC Virtual Summit




ATARC recently hosted their virtual summit on Advancing Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in the Federal Government. Our CEO, Jorge “Pumba” Alcazar, was the moderator for one of the panels that focused on the flight patterns, collision avoidance, and safety/reliability concerns regarding drones. The panel covered where we are at structurally in the government for the usage of drones, obstacles and challenges, and what the future of drones with Artificial Intelligence will look like. Panel members for this segment included Sumedh Raina (Director, USCBP), Brian Daly (Industry Chair, ATARC Drones Working Group, ATT), Shelby Ochs (Program Manager- Autonomy at Defense Innovation Unit), and Stephen Ellies (Industry Chair, ATARC Digital Transformation Working Group & Zoom Communications). If you would like to watch this specific panel, Pumba begins moderating at hour 2, minute 33.zar