Unmanned Innovation Team

Jorge "Pumba" Alcazar

CEO and Founder of The Unmanned Advantage LLC

Retired Naval Special Warfare Veteran with 25 years of Advanced Technology Development, Training and Program Management focusing on Unmanned System Innovation

US Fleet Forces Joint Special Operations Training Lead managed Pacific/Atlantic Fleet Forces Staff,  SOCOM, Carrier Air Wing Staff and Commodore Force to meet Training Requirements. Developed Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) to combine for successful worldwide unmanned system operations and Training (FST) Events

Qualified in MARTAC Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) and group 1-4 Unmanned Aerial systems Led and Executed Multiple Joint SOF Advanced Technology Aerial, Maritime and Ground systems operations during campaigns in areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Turkey, Israel and South America

Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) Board Influencer (Unmanned Systems Advisor)

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical Science, Unmanned Aviation Systems, FAA 107

US Navy Rotary Wing Weapons School Plank-owner and MH-60S, HH-60H, Weapons & Tactics Instructor

Leading Field Safety Supervisor with SDGE Drone Investigation, Assessment and Repair (DIAR)

Military Experience Youth Educator for the USS Midway Museum, San Diego Ca. and working to introduce STEM innovation with Unmanned Systems for future military/commercial application

James Lampman (SEAL)

James Lampman is the Intern Program Manager, Advanced Training and Tactics 

    James was a Special Operator in the SEAL Teams for 13 years with expertise in special reconnaissance, tactical communications, explosives, and tactical intelligence collection.

James served 3 combat tours in Iraq as part of Operation Inherent Resolve and one in the south pacific as part of Operation Archipelago.

While downrange, Jame utilized and flew UAVs in order to hunt down targets in the city, desert mountains, and dense jungle.

James became the course manager and lead instructor of the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command N3X Surveillance Operations course of instruction where he mentored and taught SEALs urban force protection tactics and techniques.

James became known for his ability to mentor his students with passion and innovation.

James utilized his artistic creativity to develop better training scenarios to prepare his students for the 720-degree environment that is now today’s battlefield.


Leticia Alcazar
Director of Administration



Taylor Masters 
Director of Public Affairs & Marketing


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