Provide Veteran Outreach and Consulting focused on The Unmanned Technology Solutions

Our Mission Statement

The Unmanned Advantage is dedicated to introducing advanced technology with proven
unmanned systems that ensure success today and are scalable for tomorrow. Our
Team combines advanced technology with Unmanned Maritime and Aerial innovation to
accelerate a program’s success. The combination of our expertise with our industry-leading
partners will provide a customized solution to deliver you “The Unmanned Advantage!”
Leading Edge Unmanned technology is changing the world at light speed. 
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-Initial Program Development
-Program Quality Assessments
-Advanced Operations Consulting
-Unmanned Simulation Program Consulting
-Initial Program Requirement Identification 
-Communication assessment and management consulting
-Operational Assessment to provide Integration/Interoperability  
– Cellular mobility, SATCOM and base RF management consulting


-Interoperability for Training
-Advanced Training and Tactics
-Integration with diverse systems
-Program sustainability Management
-Joint Agency Training and Consulting

-Remote cellular mobility support
-Unmanned Support Platform Integration

drone computer training

The 720 Solution





Integration Image




Assess – Begin with an in depth focus of how advanced technology innovation with unmanned systems fit an agency’s operations to accelerate success.

Develop – Design a personalized solution from advanced technology using unmanned systems to accelerate requirements, safety, operations, training and provide scalable interoperability.

Integrate – Provide advanced technology knowledge and leadership to introduce unmanned system innovation to an agency and ensure program success.

Deploy – Ensure successful execution of the innovation solution has met operational requirements, provide guidance to evaluate technology interoperability and re-assess to continuously accelerate the program.